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Translation - video clip of Vajrasattva Visualization Practice

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Based on requests from friends and students of Kunde Rinpoche who understand English much better than the original instruction given in Mandarin, below is the translated text.

Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation- video clip prepared by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche  [Translation from Chinese-English by sonam yeshi].   This translation is meant for those English-spoken only friends who had received oral instructions from Kunde Rinpoche of this Vajrasattve Visualization Meditation practice (this is an abridge version, full version found on the book: A Garland of Flowers: Questions and Answers on the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection.  Author : H.E. Kunde Rinpoche; Translated by Geshe Lhakdor and Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam. pp.37-42. (published in 2011. ISBN: 978-967-10552-0-5).

12 Slides [translation to English]:

 1)  visualize on top of your head there is a symbol ‘HUM’, this HUM is bright and shining;

2) this HUM transformed into Vajrasattva,  this Vajrasattva is bright and shining,  as if the brightness of 1000-sun light from the snow mountain;

3) Vajrasattva blessings your body, the negative karmic energy in your body is purified, thus also the karma of the three lower realms – that is: hell, hungry ghosts and animal realms.  Now we begin the  chanting of the 100-Syallable Mantra, as you are chanting, the Vajrasattva is blessing your body (please refer p.38 of the book for the wording). - [chanting of 100-Syallable Mantra…]

4)  After blessed by the Vajrasattva, your body is like a clear bottle with milk poured into it -  white in colour…

5) Vajrasattva come down to your body, there is no difference between you and Vajrasattva in duality, your body is Vajrasattva;

6) Your Vajrasattva body transmitting 5 colours of lights, the 5 colours of lights are: yellow, red, blue, green and white –hence offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (on top of the meditator’s head)…

7) All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas blessing your body, your body is very bright and shining;

8) Your inside body transmitting out the 5 colours of lights;

9) All Sentient Beings transformed into Vajrasattvas.  All Vajrasattvas chanting the Vajrasattva Mantra together with us: OM VAJRA (Tibetan: Benza) SAT TVA HUM xxxxxx…

10) All Vajrasattvas enter into your body,  your body  transformed into “OM VAJRA (Tibetan: Benza) SAT TVA HUM”; OM à  VAJ RAà  SAT à  TVAà HUM”à NADA;  and ( the symbol) NADA is becoming smaller, smaller and smaller,  when it dissolved( into the space) and disappered,  We are now practising the ’ preliminary practice’ of the Great Perfection Practice .  The preliminary practice’ of the Great Perfection Practice is:  JOY, VOIDNESS, WISDOM & COMPASSION.  There is no differences in these four (perfections) - This is Buddha Nature – this  is Great Perfection itself.  Now, we are practicing the preliminary practice’ of the Great Perfection Practice -  First, (sitting posture), you may (half)-open your eyes, not looking at things in front of you, but gaze in front- in between the void space - (joy…joy,  brightness…brightness…) -  This is the Buddha Nature, The Buddha Nature is Great Perfection itself!  

11) If you find difficult to practicing such, (as an alternative) you may visualize on top of your head a Vajra (Vajrasattva);

12) Yourself become a compassionate Vajrasattva, today the practice of Chanting, Meditation, learning the Dharma, may we transfer the merits to All Sentient Beings- May All Sentient Beings attained Buddhahood. [Chanting of  “Transference of Merit’ text]…

May All be Blessed! Tashi Delek

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与善知识对话(2) [Dialogue with my Spiritual Friend (2)]

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与善知识对话 (2) - 生与死

弟子问: 一个人应如何在无疾病折磨痛苦下往生(死亡)?


Dialogue with my Spiritual Friend (2): Living & Dying
One day the student felt the flimsy of life & death thus asked the Master:
Student: How could a person passed away (dying) without pain & sufferings?
Master: Practice Great Perfection method (Dzogchen, Vajrayana)?
Student: Why did Master recommend this practice?
Master: My Root Lama, Lodoe Gyatso while (physically) healthy announced His passing away after a week.
Student: Inconceivable?
Master: But within the one week, My Root Lama, Lodoe Gyatso taught Dharma & transmit the Great Perfection teachings everyday, urging us to ask questions.
Student: Your Master (Root Lama) was not common human being?
Master: Master is a great Bodhisattva!
Student: Though I had taken refuge to the Three Jewels many years, but have not practice much in mental cultivation. Moreover,  taking refuge with Master only a few years, can I learn to practice Great Perfection?
Master: You start by doing the Four Practices! Do it gradually.
Student: What if I died before I could complete the Four Practices (10 thousands each practice)?
Master: Won’t go to the Three Lower Realms, don’t worry!
[Laughters, both the Master & student]

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Live Story from the Oral Tradition (13) – Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche (Doptal), HH Pema Kalsang & Lodoe Gyatso

Posted by Sonam Yeshi

Chat with H.E. Kunde Rinpoche (herein address as Tulku) with sonam yeshi (his student) . Last Sept 2011, there was a chat regarding Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche posted in  The linked page:

[The name of Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche was extracted from page x, “Dedication”, A Garland of Flowers: Questions and Answers on the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection / H.E. Kunde Rinpoche].

Reflecting on the previous chat post, there were some important questions that I might have missed out, thus recently when we discussed different traditions in deciding the Head of Vajrayana tradition, sonam yeshi chat with H.E. Kunde Rinpoche on the subject.

Q= sonam yeshi, A=Kunde Rinpoche, HH = Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche, Bracket ( ) – notes added for clarity, [ ] – expression

Q: Tulku, some questions i might miss out of  last live chat with la of Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche (‘The Words of My Perfect Teacher” - Kunzang Lama’i Shelung, and is regarded a Tibetan Buddhism Classics.) Who had recognized his reincarnation this life in Tibet?

A: H.H.Pema Kalsang (Kyabje). The Abbot of Dzogchen Shriseng Monastery (Tibet).

Q: Tulku la, how was it happened

A:  The present life Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche was born and initially received monastic training in Gelukpa tradition. He became the most intelligent and learned Geshe among the 3 Gelukpa famous Monastery Colleges in Tibet.

Q: Wow, what an inspiring Bodhicitta motivation! Amazing, how was he being ‘discovered’?

A: It is a traditional practice to debate the Buddha’s Teachings in Vajrayana School (in Tibet?). Sometimes, the regarded highest learned practitioner like to seek other (tradition) learned practitioner to debate.

Q: [Uhuh] mm…
A: That time, somehow HH chose Dzogchen Sriseng Monastery to seek debate with the Master of this Monastery.

Q: Why?
A: Dzogchen Sriseng Monastery is a historical and the authority in Dzogchen (famous Monastery), it provides intense Dzogchen training for practitioners for centuries (once published, please refer the Dzogchen History written by Kunde Rinpoche).

Q: Then, who had win the debate?
A: You see, before he could reach Dzogchen Shriseng Monastery (Tibet), that one day HH Pema Kalsang dreamt of Magon [correction on 1 Oct. 12] (please refer the book ‘A garland of flowers by Kunde Rinpoche ‘s Root Lama Lodoe Gyatso’s picture - the most front Dharma Protector.  Its name also called ‘Ekajati’). This Dzogchen Dharma Protector delivered the message of a special visitor “someone with big ears and not tall” (
耳朵大大, 个子矮小) would be coming to Dzogchen Shriseng Monastery tomorrow. In the dream, the incarnation of Patrul Rinpoche was recognized.

Q: What did HH Pema Kalsang do?
A: (after the dream) HH Pema Kalsang suddenly annouced that there would be a Dzogchen Empowerment tomorrow (The next day).

Q: Wow, why must HH Pema Kalsang performed such Empowerment?
A: When HH arrived at Dzogchen Shriseng Monastery, his intention was to seek debate, but such spiritual event had been arranged and just happened, he had to attend (traditionally, it was not polite to leave for any reason?)

Q: i found this spiritually humorous!
A: [smile] thus HH gone through the Empowerment instead, and His reincarnation also been announced in the Monastery.

Q: then, what did the Monastery do for him?

A: HH has to go through the Nyingma School training of Khenpo, including the Great Perfection practice.

Q: Though HH was already a Geshe la?
A:  Yes, but Kyabje completed the training much earlier because He did not need to learn Madhyamaka (
中观) and the Heart Sutra (心经).

Q: How long did HH received the Khenpo tranining and Dzogchen transmission?
A: About 5-6 years (normal training usually need 9 years). But for Dzogchen practice (meditation practices) He learned under Lodoe Gyatso.

Q: (apologetic to Tulku, sorry, Tulku la) Why was Lodoe Gyatso?
A:  My root Lama, Lodoe Gyatso was the 40th in the lineage of transmission of Lama Yangtig of the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection. He is also HH Pema Kalsang (Rinpoche) root Lama in Dzogchen.  His first student Bano Wangtrul (please refer earlier post at is currently a famous Dzogchen practitioner in Tibet (His current age is more than 80 years old?).

Q: Where is Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche now?

A: After he completed the required training and transmission, Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche was invited to teach Dzogchen, at 五明佛学院 (色达县喇荣)(English) Buddhist College Monastery (Qinghai) by Khenpo Tsultim Lodo Rinpoche 慈诚罗珠仁波切 (the student of His Holiness, Khenpo Jikme Phuntsok Rinpoche) as there are many thousands of Lamas at that monastery. Currently, He is teaching Dzogchen (Great Perfection practice) in that Monastery.

Q: Wow, it is significant for any Monastery to be able to invite him

A: Yes, many lamas would come to learn, then the monastery need much more supports for those lamas, thus it needs the favourable conditions. 

Q: Tulku la, Thank you very much, For sharing this live story of Kyabje Patrul Rinpoche, his relations with HH Pema Kalsang and root Lama Lodoe Gyatso, and Dzogchen Shriseng Monastery!

A: Tashi Delek

Thus have i heard… posted by sonam yeshi in Sept. 2012

(Note:Translated & Transcribed by sonam yeshi. Any mistakes herein were the ignorant of the translator and transcriber, kindly feedback and notify at

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This special last-minute arranged Puja was made possible due to closed bondage of family relations, and Friendship, and thoughts of loving kindness of friends towards a friend's family urgency to help an immediate family to re-gain consciousness after all medical tests failed to find any possible cause except 'lack of sodium and potassium' (?) after the tests and examinations and being hospitalized in 3 private hospitals for a month (?). We could feel the agonies and anxiousness of the immediate family members, even the siblings of the patient! - Thus we put aside our personal important matters and travelling about 200KM to be with the family for a day Buddhist Puja - Medicine Buddha Puja.

We were grateful and thankful to H.E. Kunde Rinpoche's compassion in this Medicine Buddha Puja, the last session was Medicine Buddha Mantra Chant and Transferring of Merits were just amazing, heartful and virtuous, a 2-hour chant instead of initially planned of 11/2 hour chanting! We also would like to express many thanks to all Buddhist friends who came to attend the Puja.

[The original picture was photographed by sonam yeshi, captions & details of the Puja by Kunde Rinpoche]
May the Merits of this Medicine Buddha Puja be shared with All Sentient Beings for Peace!
Tashi Delek 吉祥如意

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Medicine Buddha Puja

posted by sonam yeshi

Based on requests from his students, the Medicine Buddha Puja would be blessed by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche. Details:

Medicine Buddha Puja 药师佛诵
Venue: Melaka

Date: Monday, 17 Sept. 2012
Time: 10.30AM - 3.30PM
10.30AM-12.00PM - Guru Rinpoche Tsok 莲花生大师荟供仪轨
12.00PM - 1.00PM - Lunch Break & Rest (Vegetarian only)
1.00PM-2.30PM - Medicine Buddha Puja & Chanting Chanting & Transference of Merits 药师佛仪诵和心咒& 回向功
2.30PM - 3.30 - Request for Blessings & Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels祈请上师加持及皈依三宝

[Photograph provided by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche, 2012]

This would be the Chanting Mantras' text for reference 

Tashi Delek 吉祥如意

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video clip (2) - Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation

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Dear Dharma Friends,
this is the video clip prepared by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche of the Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation on 12 August 2012. It was from the original recording with English translation on the spot, any error is the lack of preparedness of the translator own fault.

Kunde Rinpoche prepared this mainly for the benefits of those friends who had attended this oral transmission session on 12 August 2012 and needed the English translation to continuing refreshing this practice on their own.

Generally, it is meant for educational purposes, it could not replace the most important oral tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism, the face-to-face meeting with a Dzogchen Master/Vajrayana Master in the teacher-pupil relations.
This is the youtube link:

Tashi delek

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Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation - video clip

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Dear Friends
This shortened version of the Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation has been uploaded to youtube, below is the link:

1) The purpose of sharing this video clip at YouTube platform is meant for those friends who had attended the Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation guided by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche on 12 August 2012 in Penang.

2) This video instructions is not intended to replace the oral tradition of Dzogchen; readers who are interested to learn this visualization method are advised to seek direct in-person guidance and instructions from a recognized qualified Dzogchen Master/Teachers who had gone through an extensive training from individual's root Lama of Dzogchen lineage.

Tashi delek

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Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation

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Kunde Rinpoche la has spent a few hours preparing the visual slides  for the teaching of Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation using photoshop in the coming Vajrasattva Empowerment on 12 Aug. 2012.

This is one of the slides for sharing, the rest of the slides would be shared after finalizing, probably after the Puja as Rinpoche la has been almost working single handed for most of the information documents inclusive of printing.  We appreciate some friends who kindly assisted voluntarily & happily, inclusive a friend from Penang prepared a banner & displaying at the venue.

[Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation, slide no.1, July 2012]
Tashi Delek

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Mantras for participants & sharing

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This is the Mantras text for participants to be chanted at Buddha Amitabha Chang Chog on 31 August 2012 & for sharing to interested readers.

Tashi delek 吉祥如意

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Extract of manuscript - IMPRESSION

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This is an extracted verse from the manuscript "Dreaming in A Night" written by Kunde Rinpoche (unpublished manuscript, May 2009) who would like to share with friends & readers:

Tashi Delek

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A Free e-Book on Dzogchen Practice (by Lodoe Gyatso)

posted by sonam yeshi
This is the weblink given by Kunde Rinpoche that has a free E-book on Dzogchen Practice which was written by his Root Lama, Lodoe Gyatso. [in Tibetan]. (Retrieved from the website of Dzogchen Monastery, Tibet:8 July 2012):

This is a photograph of Lodoe Gyatso & his student Pema Kalsang Rinpoche for sharing:

Lodoe Gyatso & Pema Kalsang Rinpoche

Homage to Lode Gyatso, the Lineage holder of Great Perfection after Jigme Yonten Gonpo (Kunde Rinpoche, p. 68, 2011). _(*)_

May the Merits be Transferred to all Sentient Beings. May the Teachings of Great Perfection (Dzogchen) brings countless Sentient Beings to Enlightenment. 

Reference: H.E. Kunde Rinpoche; Translated by Geshe Lhakdor & Dr Chok Tenzin Monlam. (2011).  A Garland of Flowers : Questions and Answers on the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection. ISBN: 9789671055205

Friday, June 15, 2012

Video clips to share

Dear Friends
today i have uploaded 3 video clips at YouTube for sharing:

1) Dzogchen Teachings by Kunde Rinpoche (a summary) [Tibetan]

2) White Tara Empowerment (April 2012, South India)
(blessed in South India by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche, Tulkus, Khenpos & Lamas of Dzogchen Monastery, India)

3) Amitabha Buddha Fire Puja (April 2012, South India)
Amitabha Buddha Fire Puja blessed by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche, Tulkus, Khenpos & Lamas of Dzogchen Monastery at Kollegal, South India in April 2012

Tashi delek

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tara Empowerment, Long-Life Buddha Empowerment & Amitabha Fire Puja

Posted by sonam yeshi

H.E. Kunde Rinpoche together with the Lamas of Dzogchen Monastery were blessing Tara Empowerment and Long-Life Buddha Empowerment, and followed by Amitabha Fire Puja on 1-2 April 2012 at South India.

May the Blessings of the Buddha & Bodhisattvas be transmitted to all participants, devottees, supporters, friends, all who have connections with H.H. the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche, Khenpo Kunga Tashi Rinpoche, Acho Rinpoche, H.E. Kundu Rinpoche, all friends of Dzogchen Samten Chokling Centre who have generously supported the restoration of Guru Rinpoche & the 8 emanations images at Dzogchen Monastery. May all Sentient Beings benefitted from these 2-days auspicious Tara Empowerment cum Long-Life Buddha Empowerment, & Amitabha Fire Puja and attained Buddhahood.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu
Tashi Delek吉祥如意

After Note: The 2-days Puja of Tara Empowerment cum Long-Life Buddha Empowerment, Amitabha Fire Puja were attended by about 3,000 people. These participants are indeed blessed with the right conditions of practice. Tashi delek & Sadhu, sonam yeshi (14 April 2012)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Moments of Joy with H.H. Dzogchen Rinpoche

My Heartful Thank You to H.H. the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche for His spacious heart of Compassion and His visionary support in verbal consent for the publishing of this book on the Clear Light Great Perfection practice. It had been a long way from funding, translation to print with the spiritual blessings of H.H. Dzogchen Rinpoche, H.H. Pema Kalsang Rinpoche and boundless heart supports of Acho Rinpoche and many friends:

Book Title : A Garland of Flowers: Questions and Answers on the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection.
Author : H.E. Kunde Rinpoche; Translated by Geshe Lhakdor and Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam
ISBN: 978-967-10552-0-5
Published: 2011

[H.H. Dzogchen Rinpoche and Kunde Rinpoche, 2012]

It was a joyful day with H.H. Dzogchen Rinpoche and other Lamas.
Taahi Delek

Thank You - Smoke Puja at Dzogchen Monastery India

posted by sonam yeshi
To: H.E. Kunde Rinpoche & Lamas at Dzogchen Monastery, India

I would like to express my many thanks and gratitude to H.E. Kunde Rinpoche & Lamas who performed a short Smoke Puja on 13-15 March 2012 at 6.00P.M. local time of India at Dzogchen Monastery, India upon my request on 13 March 2012.
May the Merits and Blessings be dedicated to the continuous growth of Dzogchen Monastery globally, and unhindered dissemination of Dharma activities under the auspicious Blessings of Dzogchen Monastery to bring Peace and Happiness to all Sentient Beings in the Universe...
May the Buddha's Boundless Lights of Compassion and Wisdom Illuminating the Universe, above, below and across...

Tashi Delek

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kalachakra - BodhGaya, India

Posted by sonam yeshi

We like to thank those Buddhist Friends who had supported and shown interest in the publication of Great Perfection practice (Dzogchen) of the following during the Kalachakra 32 at BodhGaya, India recently.

Book Title : A Garland of Flowers: Questions and Answers on the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection.
Author : H.E. Kunde Rinpoche; Translated by Geshe Lhakdor and Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam
ISBN: 978-967-10552-0-5

Below these pictures were photographed by Kunde Rinpoche on 11 January 2012 & 13 January 2012 respectively.

Kalachakra Mandala
[Photographed by Kunde Rinpoche, 11Jan2012]

Sun & Moon Merging Point?
[Photographed by Kunde Rinpoche, on the journey from BodhGaya, stop over time to New Delhi, India, 13 Jan 2012]

Wishing All our Friends:
A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year

Tashi Delek