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Translation - video clip of Vajrasattva Visualization Practice

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Based on requests from friends and students of Kunde Rinpoche who understand English much better than the original instruction given in Mandarin, below is the translated text.

Vajrasattva Visualization Meditation- video clip prepared by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche  [Translation from Chinese-English by sonam yeshi].   This translation is meant for those English-spoken only friends who had received oral instructions from Kunde Rinpoche of this Vajrasattve Visualization Meditation practice (this is an abridge version, full version found on the book: A Garland of Flowers: Questions and Answers on the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection.  Author : H.E. Kunde Rinpoche; Translated by Geshe Lhakdor and Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam. pp.37-42. (published in 2011. ISBN: 978-967-10552-0-5).

12 Slides [translation to English]:

 1)  visualize on top of your head there is a symbol ‘HUM’, this HUM is bright and shining;

2) this HUM transformed into Vajrasattva,  this Vajrasattva is bright and shining,  as if the brightness of 1000-sun light from the snow mountain;

3) Vajrasattva blessings your body, the negative karmic energy in your body is purified, thus also the karma of the three lower realms – that is: hell, hungry ghosts and animal realms.  Now we begin the  chanting of the 100-Syallable Mantra, as you are chanting, the Vajrasattva is blessing your body (please refer p.38 of the book for the wording). - [chanting of 100-Syallable Mantra…]

4)  After blessed by the Vajrasattva, your body is like a clear bottle with milk poured into it -  white in colour…

5) Vajrasattva come down to your body, there is no difference between you and Vajrasattva in duality, your body is Vajrasattva;

6) Your Vajrasattva body transmitting 5 colours of lights, the 5 colours of lights are: yellow, red, blue, green and white –hence offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (on top of the meditator’s head)…

7) All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas blessing your body, your body is very bright and shining;

8) Your inside body transmitting out the 5 colours of lights;

9) All Sentient Beings transformed into Vajrasattvas.  All Vajrasattvas chanting the Vajrasattva Mantra together with us: OM VAJRA (Tibetan: Benza) SAT TVA HUM xxxxxx…

10) All Vajrasattvas enter into your body,  your body  transformed into “OM VAJRA (Tibetan: Benza) SAT TVA HUM”; OM à  VAJ RAà  SAT à  TVAà HUM”à NADA;  and ( the symbol) NADA is becoming smaller, smaller and smaller,  when it dissolved( into the space) and disappered,  We are now practising the ’ preliminary practice’ of the Great Perfection Practice .  The preliminary practice’ of the Great Perfection Practice is:  JOY, VOIDNESS, WISDOM & COMPASSION.  There is no differences in these four (perfections) - This is Buddha Nature – this  is Great Perfection itself.  Now, we are practicing the preliminary practice’ of the Great Perfection Practice -  First, (sitting posture), you may (half)-open your eyes, not looking at things in front of you, but gaze in front- in between the void space - (joy…joy,  brightness…brightness…) -  This is the Buddha Nature, The Buddha Nature is Great Perfection itself!  

11) If you find difficult to practicing such, (as an alternative) you may visualize on top of your head a Vajra (Vajrasattva);

12) Yourself become a compassionate Vajrasattva, today the practice of Chanting, Meditation, learning the Dharma, may we transfer the merits to All Sentient Beings- May All Sentient Beings attained Buddhahood. [Chanting of  “Transference of Merit’ text]…

May All be Blessed! Tashi Delek

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与善知识对话(2) [Dialogue with my Spiritual Friend (2)]

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与善知识对话 (2) - 生与死

弟子问: 一个人应如何在无疾病折磨痛苦下往生(死亡)?


Dialogue with my Spiritual Friend (2): Living & Dying
One day the student felt the flimsy of life & death thus asked the Master:
Student: How could a person passed away (dying) without pain & sufferings?
Master: Practice Great Perfection method (Dzogchen, Vajrayana)?
Student: Why did Master recommend this practice?
Master: My Root Lama, Lodoe Gyatso while (physically) healthy announced His passing away after a week.
Student: Inconceivable?
Master: But within the one week, My Root Lama, Lodoe Gyatso taught Dharma & transmit the Great Perfection teachings everyday, urging us to ask questions.
Student: Your Master (Root Lama) was not common human being?
Master: Master is a great Bodhisattva!
Student: Though I had taken refuge to the Three Jewels many years, but have not practice much in mental cultivation. Moreover,  taking refuge with Master only a few years, can I learn to practice Great Perfection?
Master: You start by doing the Four Practices! Do it gradually.
Student: What if I died before I could complete the Four Practices (10 thousands each practice)?
Master: Won’t go to the Three Lower Realms, don’t worry!
[Laughters, both the Master & student]