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Benefits of Offering Naga Treasure Vase 献供龙王宝瓶之功德

Posted by sonam yeshi (updated on 21 Feb 2014)

These information are provided for those Buddhist who are interested to make offering of Naga Treasure Vase for year 2014. Registrations have been opened since last December for Buddhists only!

It is believed by ancient Asian traditions that Nagas (snakes, nagas etc.) are the guardians of the mother earth ~ lands, waterways, wind, space and earth. For the Buddhists, in the Great Vehicles' famous story of Nagarjuna ~ it was mentioned that some of these nagas are also guardians of sutras (suttas) and they protect the Dharma teachings that may reveal these Dharma treasures only to the adepts. Naga puja is performed specifically to pacify harms from nagas by preparing Naga Treasure Vase in accordance to the Buddhist Tradition's description & procedure and religious ritual (special Buddhist text chants).

In the past years, Khenpo Kunga Tashi Rinpoche and H.E.Kunde Rinpoche had performed Naga Puja blessing prayers for Buddhist devotees at different locations ~ we had been offering specifically flown-in naga incenses, medicinal ingredients, etc... for the naga treasure vase offering purpose with special ritual religious prayers (either in accordance with Terma teaching from Guru Rinpoche, or Scriptural description on Naga Treasure Vase offered by Nagarjuna as time & place conditional phenomenon arises based on the compassion of the Buddhist Teacher/Master) . Thus far the feedback we received from the devotees who had participated are indeed auspicious and inspiring for ones' well being - wishing all sentient beings to attain enlightenment ~ it is the faith, devotion and confidence to the blessings of the Three Jewels and the collective transference of merits activities that bring individuals' the blessings & happiness...

For year 2014, this special Buddhist Puja gives the meaning of double blessings connotation in the offerings to the Three Jewels ~ all proceeds from the contributions of this Naga Puja will go towards the building funds of a new Buddhist Monastery which has been designed to include basic facilities: a Buddhist temple, practitioners living rooms, , washrooms, a kitchen/canteen, an office, A Retreat Centre etc. ~ an auspicious opportunity never be missed!

Note: Besides offering of the Naga Treasure Vase, one may contribute generously in the offerings to the Three Jewels for the Puja  ~ Offering of flowers, Offering of lights, Tsok Offerings etc...
There are also consecrated Zambala Wealth Vases ready for sponsorship to be placed at one's business venue, resident house or  individuals' Buddhist altar/Buddhist shrine as wish ~ *All proceeds of this contributions go towards the building fund of the new monastery with a new retreat centre!
**Please refer the special Page in this blog for the progress of the initial planning & draft layout designs. Later, stages of work in progress & photos of the work progress would be uploaded once the construction works start. - 21.2.2014, sonam yeshi

:除了发心结献供龙王宝瓶外,佛友也可以发心上供奉三宝~ 供花,供灯,荟供等等
发心结缘之佛友也可以祈请上师经已诵经加持净化之财神宝瓶以批护生意场所,住家或献供于个别佛堂/佛殿 ~ 善信祈请之布施即献捐给以上所提及已计划于2014年动土及进行建筑工程的一座新佛教寺庙及闭关中心之基金,功德无量, 阿弥陀佛!

[Benefits of Naga Treasure Vase Offering  献供龙王宝瓶之功德]

[Buddhist Puja poster:Zambala Empowerment*Naga Treasure Vase Offering 2014 黄财神灌顶*献供龙王宝瓶法会]
Tashi Delek, May all be well & happy


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