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Live Story from the Oral Tradition (9) – My Root Lama – Lodoe Gyatso (2) 罗珠仁波切

Live Story from the Oral Tradition (9) – My Root Lama – Lodoe Gyatso (2) 罗珠仁波切 
Chat with H.E. Kunde Rinpoche (herein address as Tulku) on October 4, 2011 at Dharamsala, India.
Q= sonam yeshi, A=Kunde Rinpoche, Bracket ( ) - notes added for clarity, [ ] - expression

Q: Tulku my apology.  Sometime ago I had asked you of your Root Lama, Lodoe Gyatso, which I found such inspiring and inconceivable of this great Master of this century. Though so far I had not seen any Vajrayana Buddhism site (in English) posted this Dzogchen Master’s picture (except Tulku’s blog at , any comments?

A: I don’t know [laughter]

Q: But the last chat I had forgotten to jot down one important name and narration ?

A: yes, you may ask now.

Q: : I had asked of which Rinpoche had recognized your Master’s reincarnation. One of them was Kyabje Pema Kalsang Rinpoche, and another one by ??? Rinpoche (one of his former closed disciples ) – but I had missed that important point?

A: Bano Wangtrul Tulku (transliteration of this Rinpoche’s name as heard)

Q: Who is this Bano Wangtrul Tulku?

A: He is my Master’s first disciple in the jail.

Q: wow! jail?

A: [laughter] My Root Lama, Lodoe Gyatso was in the jail and this Rinpoche was confined to the same room.

Q: then, what had happened?

A: My Master thought him the Great Perfection teachings (Dzogchen) in the jail .

Q: It is such heart-endearing, even lost of physical freedom did not stop a great Master from disseminating his Wisdom and knowledge to  even a single human being around?

A: YES, that’s why we regarded him as the Dzogchen Master in the lineage who had passed on the oral tradition in Tibet historically.
(once Tulku’s students asked if we new students should regard him as our Root Lamahe humbly said ‘No’ and insisted we should visualized Lodoe Gyatso!)

Q: How did he taught a student in a jail?

A: Besides teaching meditation to him, Master even tried to write down in short instructions for him to remember .

Q: Wow, where were the writing tools [laughter]!

A: Yes, my Master is very special - it reflects the essence of Great Compassion of my root Lama’s, Lodoe Gyatso – He did manage to do it?

Q: I am curious, how did you know it [laughter]. Is Bano Wangtrul Tulku still alive?

A: Bano Wangtrul Tulku had compiled Master’s oral teachings (in Tibetan). YES, he is now (about) 85 years old, still healthy!

Q: Wow, back to this boy recognized by Bano Wangtrul Tulku. Did he fulfilled all the process and conditions stated in Tibetan tradition of recognization of Tulkus?

A: Yes, this boy was born in a common family, in the geographical area stated, his body had the birth mark mentioned by my Master -  Lodoe Gyatso written instructions

Q: I had missed this detail – what is the sacred birth mark [laughter], can share? (I called at Tulku in Delhi  asked of this once sometime later after my post related to this!)

A: It is the One ‘EYE’ of the Ekadzati (一支佛- Dharkini)!

Q: Wow, just unimaginable by our uncultivated deluded mind? Really look like the shape?

A: Yes, that is why it is such special in ‘spiritual’ sense

Q: both recognized Tulku(s) by Kyabje Pema Kalsang Rinpoche and Bano Wangtrul Tulku ?

A: Yes!

Q: where is this reincarnated Lama now recognized by Bano Wangtrul Tulku?

A: in his monastery in Tibet, he is caring for him.

Q: Then where is this recognized Lama by Kyabje Pema Kalsang Rinpoche?

A: In his previous life Monastery, Horthang Tashi Monastery!

Q: Same name as your monastery, there are two Horthang?

A: Yes, both related, different location geographically. Some called our monastery Dzogchen Horthang Tashi Monastery!

Q: wow, wow, personally, I think it is the best, though it is inconceivable for we lay people of reincarnation into two individuals?

A: [laughter], no problem, there is no ‘hat’ for the lay people to debate…

Q: [laughter],…Tulku,  I like this humorous statement! Thank you very much.

A: [laughter]... Thank you

Thank you, Tulku, for sharing your precious time with me on this ‘curious’ topic which had been ringing in mind after I last posted our chat at your blog.

Tashi Delek

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