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Live Story from the Oral Tradition (5) - Choktul Karde Rinpoche

Posted by sonam yeshi
Chat with H.E. Kunde Rinpoche (herein address as Tulku) in 2010 & 2011, before the opening ceremony of Dzogchen Samten Chokling Centre, and after the manuscript he spent 10 years (or more?) to write was translated, finally published!.
Q= sonam yeshi, A=Kunde Rinpoche, HH = Choktul Karde Rinpoche, Bracket ( ) - notes added for clarity, [ ] - expression

Q: Tulku, from your manuscript on author's biography (initial translation was posted in 2009 at this blog), HH seems to have very closed connection with you in spiritual life and Bodhicitta inspiration (for 3 generations!)
A: yes, in the historical record of Horthang Tashi Monastery, he was the Rinpoche recognized Dringtul Kunde Rinpoche past and present while he was 6 six years old this life.

Q: Tulku, from the historical picture he had taken with you at that age (please refer to this blog), he was wearing lay clothes just as youself at that age. why?
A: yes, umm, at that period of years, all Rinpoches also wore lay clothes.

Q:Tulku, i am curious of the speciality of his meditation practice, among the methods stated in your translated manuscript (now published :A Garland of Flowers: Questions and Answers on the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection / H.E. Kunde Rinpoche; Translated by Geshe Lhakdor and Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam. ISBN: 978-967-10552-0-5)
A: In Horthang Tashi Monastery and the district area, HH is well known for his Phowa practice (please refer Q. no.23, p. 48).

Q:  Tulku, could you kindly share one special incident that could really 'surprised' our unclear mind comparatively to this teaching and practice?
A: There was one time someone in the district passed away and requested HH to perform Phowa at the deceased house by her (?)relative.  But HH was very busy on that day with the monastery as that house was quite a distant away from the Horthang Tashi Monastery.

Q: Then, could he just reject with that reason?
A: When the family insisted HH should go and help this, HH informed the family that he would perform the Phowa in Horthang Tashi Monastery.

Q: Tulku, to our cultural practice, usually the prayer would be carried out in front of the deceased. Does it works effectively with otherwise?
A: HH said to them he could do it in the Monastery without travelling to their house. 

Q: then, what happen?
A: As the deceased relative insisted, HH said that if you all did not believe, looked at the deceased head top at 3.00A.M. (15:00hrs) on such a day (next day?).

Q:  Oh dear, sounded like chinese Kungfu high Qikung master in the movie! What happened? [very curious]
A: At the stated time, the deceased head 'burst' from the top!

Q: [speechless for a while] Sounded unbelievable and real esoteric!!!
A: yes, even this family members were shocked to see the happening! -But very joyful.

Q: sorry, Tulku, just curious, could you do the same?
A: (silence) [smile and laughter] - (later humbly said 'no') . 
(but instead Tulku reminded me that appearance of psychic power iitself does not bring human enlightenment, many meditator of other religion such as Hinduism also record such psychic ability! - out of topic)

Thus have i heard...posted by sonam yeshi.

Note: with my mind still uncultivated, unmindful and unaware, Tulku's silence signifies i am not ready for the answers? After Tulku's book published, i learned from him that Phowa is also a Great Perfection practice, a very special meditation required instruction from specialize Dzogchen Master in Phowa practice, and it is not meant for beginners in Meditation and without going through all the Foundations practice stated in A Garland of Flowers: Questions and Answers on the Highly Secret Clear Light Great Perfection,Q.1-Q.19 (p11-p.37). - sonam yeshi

(Note: Transcribed by Sonam Yeshi. Any mistakes herein were the ignorant of the transcriber, kindly feedback and notify at - posted by Sonam Yeshi)


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